In the field of martial arts, Carter Hargrave always pursued his dreams and always did what he thought was right. This happened when he founded American Combat Kempo, when he put the basis of World Jeet Kune Do Federation and also when he decided to open his own private school.
When he decided it is time to create a new style and started to develop the American Combat Kempo, he did so because he felt people were in search of a combat style to use in real world defense situations. After training in four different styles in the same time in the early nineties, Hargrave started teaching as an assistant instructor. He noticed people were turning to martial arts schools in order to gain self defense skills, but were not finding what they would have needed. This is how the idea of American Combat Kempo was born. Hargrave followed this idea and now his style is recognized by many organizations and is used by the United States Marines. Hargrave did more than just combining some different styles in order to come up with something new. He modified these styles as they can’t be recognized anymore and created some techniques that offer the one that practices them great superiority over the attacker. Two systems of Karate, traditional weapons and modern weapons were used and combined in order to form American Combat Kempo. Hargrave also founded World Kempo Association in order to promote this style.